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Easter 2016 Campaign

Be on the look out for our Easter 2016 Campaign The Easter 2016 campain starts on March 14, and will be on various TFL Northern Line stations. If you do spot a poster on your local station platform, why not take a picture of it for us and send it to us using our email address, or let us know what you think of the current design? If we receive enough good quality photos we will do a feature in a future news item.

Easter Listings

Check out our Posters List to note where we will be placing Posters during Easter. Our latest Campaign features short, encouraging gospel verses on a bright background. The Easter colour is yellow. We are planning some strong colours for upcoming Campaigns. The idea is to catch the readers' attention in the short time they have as they pass through the station or stand on the platform waitiing for a train.

Check out the BTPM Blog

We've put together a blog where our patrons will be able to comment and make suggestions. Simply click on Blog and scroll through the entries. We will include devotionals, news, campaigns news, articles, encouragement, and other information, incluing some entries where you'll be able to contribute.

photo credit: Beauty Eye via photopin cc, under Creative Commons, cropped to size.